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Important online survey 

Ellie Bennett, Trainee Clinical Psychologist University College London, writes of a  research project currently being conducted at (UCL) – ethics approval number: 22885/001:

The research aims to explore the experience of Mental Health Services during pregnancy and the first year after giving birth (Perinatal Mental Health Services). Participants are asked to complete an anonymous & confidential online survey that takes under 20 minutes. Participants will have a chance to win up to £100 in a prize draw.

This is an extremely important project as little attention in research has focused on how people experience Perinatal Mental Health Services and the support offered, (e.g. what they find helpful and less helpful); it aims to inform the development of future NHS mental health services to better support mothers and families in need.

We have had an amazing response from over 650 mothers about their experience of mental health services during the perinatal period. We are keen to continue to capture such experiences across lots of different communities.

Further information about the study as well as a link to the online survey can be found here:


Florence Canning, suffragette: grave restoration

Florence Canning is Hereford’s forgotten suffragette. She was the daughter of the vicar of Tupsley in Hereford, who went on to become a passionate campaigner for women’s franchise. She joined the WSPU, supported many other suffrage organisations, and was a leading member of the Church League for Women’s Suffrage. She died in 1914 and was buried at St Paul’s churchyard, Tupsley. Find out more about Florence and about how you can donate to the restoration of her grave.


Women in Street Names

A project to highlight women in street names in the UK, for the British Federation of Women Graduates, and Harper Adams University.
The aim is to highlight streets named after women (and to highlight how few there are!), to remember such women as are commemorated. Outputs will be a booklet of mini biographies of women named, and a paper to consider the promulgation of political and social culturalisation, conscious and unconscious, through the names we see in our streets.
There have been similar projects isolated on specific cities but let’s aim to spread the net far and wide, to villages and towns, not just the metropoles, across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Please forward the street name with district, town, city, village, etc. with the woman’s main achievement or area of operation (if you know it) to:
Carrie de Silva:
If you don’t know anything about the subject, don’t worry – please just send me the name anyway.
This project was launched at The Women’s Library, July 2019.
Although some more obscure royalty will be of interest the collation won’t be including Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria.
And please feel free to pass on to friends, family and colleagues.
We want a BIG list 
If you have any queries, please contact:
Carrie de Silva

07583 144622

street names project flyer