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Subjects and objects of government: women from the 19th to the 21st century; the afternoon talks programme of the Friends of The Women’s Library at LSE, Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020

Wednesday 18 September, Billie Fletcher, York University, The Six and a Half Project: an archive zine project designed to give new life to old images and inspire a more artistic generation of Women’s History enthusiasts.

Thursday [please note the day!] 10 October, Dr Arianne Chernock, Boston University: The Right to Rule and the Rights of Women: Queen Victoria and the Women’s Movement

Wednesday 27 November,Dr Alison Ronan, Visiting Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University: ‘The Women Who Said Yes’:the 17 women parliamentary candidates of the 1918 General Election.

Wednesday 15 January,Tara Finn, Foreign and Commonwealth Office: A necessary evil?’Prostitution and the armed services in the records of the Association of Moral and Social Hygiene 1915-1945.

Wednesday 12 February, Susan Pares,An Ordinary Feminist Life’: Margaret Pares 1878-1963’.

Wednesday 18 March, a late International Women’s Day special – Versailles 1919: the return of the Dangerous Women, Produced by Charlotte Bill and the Clapham Film Unit (and starring Dr Jane Grant as Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence!) It will be introduced by Dr Alison Ronan.

Venue: Room 01 on the lower ground floor of LSE Library, 10 Portugal Street London WC2A   2HD
Time:2. 30pm. Please meet in the foyer at 2.15
Cost:£3 for Friends of the Women’s Library and £4 for non-members.
Cheques made payable to: The Friends of the Women’s Library and sent to Susan Pares, 86 Crescent Lane, London SW4 9PL