What’s on?

Once again we welcomed in the New Year with, as promised, tea, women and song! On 24 January we met in the Shaw Library at LSE for light refreshments and a sing-song.  With the accompaniment of pianist Chris Ruff, of Morley College Chamber Group, we sang songs from the familiar (March of the Women) to the novel, and the Friends’ latest musical purchase for TWL – ‘That Ragtime Suffragette’ – – pictured below, Chair Anne Summers and her husband David Lawrence performing that very song.


The next dates for the Friends’ diaries are:

Thursday 25 April – please note, not our usual Wednesday – at 2.30 pm:

Dr Jane Grant will be speaking on ‘Mary Stott: feminist, journalist, campaigner’

Wednesday 22 May, at 2.30 pm :

Dr Laura Lammasniemi, ‘Archiving women’s struggles with the law’

Both speakers continue the 20th-century theme of this academic year’s talks programme, and will be Zoom/in-person presentations, with links to be posted nearer the time.